DataNova OR (Object Recognition) – computer vision technologies based solution. The solution allows, by intercepting video stream from a webcam, to monitor the activities of remotely working employees and to identify illegal activity adhering to the configured security policies and block the workstation.
What does DataNova OR address to:
Lack of tools allowing real-time tracking of user actions through the device’s webcam;
Lack of tools for automatic recognition of objects in images and video stream;
Need to comply with the business processes and register the deviations happening in video stream;
Need to improve the quality of work of remote employees;
Lack of objectivity and awareness of the activities of remote employees.
The aim of DataNova OR

is to computerize the identification of deviations in the business processes of remote employees by analyzing video stream from a webcam.

DataNova OR tasks:
  • Implementation of logic for intercepting video stream from the device’s webcam;
  • Train neural networks and implement logic for object identification in video stream;
  • Automatic blocking of AWP if an incident is detected;
  • Centralized acquisition of identification results and recorded incidents and deviations;
  • Automation of management and applied reports generation process.
Solution description:
Functionalities and features of DataNova OR:
  • Use of advanced face ID algorithms;
  • Neural network that helps identify more than 80 different objects;
  • Automatic capture of images from a virtual webcam (hardware camera is working in a regular mode);
  • Support of tools for development of customized correlation / anomaly rules;
  • Ability to carry out post-event analysis of identification results.
How does it work:
How does it look like:
Expected outcome that the customer receives:
Mechanisms to identify illegal actions of employees have been automated;
Degree of objectivity and awareness of the activities of remote employees has been improved;
Increased efficiency of work of remote employees;
Identified illegitimate persons at the workstation and / or absence of an employee at the workplace during working hours;
Implemented real-time monitoring of employees’ activities.