Crosstech Anonimizer - document anonymization solution.

Solution features:

  • integration with Docs Security Suite (DSS) – platform designated to manage, control and audit access rights to electronic documents based on sensitivity labels;
  • support of file deletion properties (metadata) functions and graphic cleaning of images, including removal of “yellow dots” of the printer;
  • Support of such file types as: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, vsd, vsdx, rtf, pdf, tiff, jpeg, jpg, bmp, png;

  • anonymization of such document properties as: metadata, geographic data, graphic labels and artefacts;
  • differentiation of access rights to DSS Anonymizer functions based on customized user groups and IS regulations and policies applicable in the organization;
  • work with Anonymizer functions through the client add-on and through the context menu;
  • ability to process batch files: several files, folders, directories;
  • register and display information about anonymization operations and their status in the event log;
  • register and display information about the anonymized copy in DSS document tree to exercise control over the document life cycle.