DataGrain ESO

DataGrain ESO - is a domestic solution that allows you to collect, filter and profile incoming information security events, centrally store data in a compressed format and transfer only necessary data to third-party solutions.
What does DataGrain ESO decide:
need to reduce the input flow to SIEM system;
need to improve operation efficiency and speed of SIEM system;
need to reduce financial expenses for SIEM licensing;
need for long-term storage of historical data in a compressed format;
Сложность настройки параметров фильтрации данных;
difficulty of data filtering parameters setting;
Advantages of DataGrain ESO:
Domestic software;
Multi-stage filtering of information security events based on statistic analysis and signature rules;
Profiling of the incoming flow of information security events in SIEM through the historical data analysis;
Centralized storage of all source data in OLAP storage in a compressed format;
Reduced financial costs for SIEM licensing.
Expected outcome that the customer will be delivered:
  • Optimized volume of the input stream of events into SIEM system;
  • Implemented long-term storage of historical data in a compressed format;
  • Reduced financial costs for SIEM system licensing;
  • Increased efficiency and speed of the SIEM-system;
  • Reduced operating costs for SIEM system and minimized errors of analysts for manual data processing.
What will the product price depend on:
  • What EPS is expected on entry?
  • Number of target data sources connected to SIEM?
  • Number of new target sources required to connect?
  • Complexity and distribution of the current architecture for data acquisition, processing and storage?
  • Whether data replication is required?
  • Number of offices / branch offices / remote sites to deploy standalone copies of the system?
  • Need to customize monitor panels and dashboards of the system?
For what customer’s requests can we offer DataGrain ESO:
  • Upgrading of SIEM;
  • Long-term data storage;
  • Reduced data flow;
  • Historical dimension of IS logs;
  • Reduction of financial costs for SIEM licenses;
  • Setting up correlation and filtering rules;
  • ArcSight Logger, IBM SIEM, RSA, MaxPatrol SIEM.

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