DataGrain Analyzer is a solution that allows you to carry out a semantic analysis of the contents of the database and tables of various DBMS, to identify collisions and inconsistencies in data, field names and types, data storage structure.
What does DB Analyzer resolve:
Complexity of semantic analysis of database content;
Need to match the logical names of tables, fields and those data that really should be in the corresponding structure;
Lack of awareness of actual content of data banks;
Need to reduce labor costs for manual processing and analysis of database content;
Lack of ability to automatically generate reports for management decision-making.
Review of market solutions:
Advantages of DB Analyzer vs competitors:
  • A wide range of supported databanks, from classic RDBMS solutions (MSSQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.) to NoSQL (ElasticSearch, ClickHouse, etc.);
  • Large base of regular expressions and reference books, which are responsible for semantic analysis, starting from name and staff affiliation to specialized IT infrastructure parameters;
  • Support of tools for development of customized connectors and regular expressions.
Expected outcome that the customer receives:
  • Mechanisms of semantic analysis of database content have been automated;
  • Improved quality and representativeness of stored data;
  • Improved efficiency of business processes using the analyzed data;
  • Reduced labor costs of database analysts associated with manual data processing and analysis;
  • Automated report generation.
What will the price of the product depend on:
  • Quantity of databanks required for analysis;
  • Number of customized semantic domains requiring identification;
  • Whether it is required to analyze unsupported databanks;
  • Need for two-way integration with the associated systems;
  • Need to visualize the results.
What shall the customer requests be, so we can offer DB Analyzer:
Data collisions / errors;
Semantic domains;
Data analysis;
Data cleaning;
Identification of sensitive data;
Identification of confidential data.
Demo visualization